Essay on Causes Of World War One

Essay on Causes Of World War One

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Yoni Ahronov
Mr. Semach
Fall Semester 2014

Causes of World War One

The Main Reasons on Why the War Started

Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism are amongst the many causes for World War I. In addition, the murder of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife June 28th 1914, . The Archduke next in line to the Austrian Hungarian throne was assassinated in his car during a drive in Serbia. The assassination was the work of a terrorist group known as the Black Hand.
At that time in the late 1800’s many countries started to get better weapons and also more effective ways upon killing people in the masses. This was also a great threat leading up too World War 1, mainly because everyone wanted to be the greatest and the most powerful person/country. For example since Britian had a large navy, Germany felt like theirs must be bigger and harsher. Also consider this since France and also Germany were always in competition for who had the biggest and strongest army. Between 1870 and 1915 all of the major powers expect great Britain and the United states grew tremendously. So by the start of World War one everyone was ready to show off their troops and the teams they have created.While everyone was focused working on their army and their artillery, many of the european countries were simply working on alliances. (1- )The purpose of the alliances were to create peace and to scare a country from attacking another one meaning it would be ridiculous to start a war if it will be a two on one. The risk of these alliances was that a controversy between two countries could proceed all the other nations allied with them into a major war . This is just what happened when an argument bet...

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...rist group called the Black Hand. The terrorists used violence to get what they wanted. Nationalism led European nations to compete for the largest army and navy. Having the largest and most powerful army gave those members of those countries great pride in their countries. When Francis Ferdinand was shot, Austria-Hungary felt as those their pride was hurt as well. The natural reaction to having their heir to the throne killed was to get revenge. Without Nationalism, perhaps Austria-hungary wouldnít have had such a strong desire to take action against Serbia, as opposed to those specifically involved. Nationalism not only affected a countryís military, but also itís industry. European countries wanted to strive for the strongest industry, as seen in imperialistic movements. The countryís strong nationalism was responsible for their desire to have a strong industry.

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