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Causes of Unemployment Essay

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The unemployment rate slowly started getting worse and it may have hit all time lows. With unemployment rates soaring the causes of this are from aging, teenagers, and outsourcing even though some refute with saying it is self inflicted.
One of the things that cause unemployment to keep increasing is the age of people. Seeing as there is almost no family not affected by this great recession, there must have been a cause. “You are aging as you are not employed, and nobody is looking to hire somebody who is old,” (Aaronson, pg. 6). When older people are laid off they keep aging and there are young kids coming out of college looking for the same job. Every single year more and more kids are graduating from college with degrees and the business owners are taking the fresh new kids in the business world because they are young, smart, and ready to work. “Individuals with longer employment spells are less likely to be employed the next month,” (Aaronson, pg.2) This helps to show that once you are laid off you will be aging leaving you out of the work force longer and with less up to date skills, which is why companies will be looking to hire younger adults. Since, the unemployment rate has gone up the companies will have a lot more job applications which means that they have more of a variety so they can be very selective about who they choose for the job. So they will be hiring the most selective trait that they are looking for which is someone young with a college degree over someone older with experience. This is not the only reason why unemployment has gotten like this in America.
The unemployment rate is increasing faster and there is a group of people that is most affected which are teens. “Young people from ages 16 to 24 are the ...

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... the way that the economy is set up and those changes don’t need to be very big but as long as we start small and try we will be able to get out of the high unemployment rate slowly.

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