Causes of the Pueblo Revolt in 1680 Essay

Causes of the Pueblo Revolt in 1680 Essay

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Pueblo Revolt

Differences between cultures are not something new. Many of us can still see it in our daily lives. Four hundred years ago two very distinctly different cultures clashed in what we call the American Southwest. The Spanish presence brought new ideas, new culture, and new way of life to the new found Americas much to the demise of the already settled native tribes. Already having controlled much of Mexico and South America, problems were rising in the outskirts of New Spain. Secular and religious authorities were in conflict and the ever growing animosity of its aboriginal tribe made it difficult to maintain Spanish control. Though, for four generations the Spaniards had begun to feel successful in their endeavors of New Mexico. In early August, the sedentary and nomadic tribes banned together and overthrow the Spanish authority. There are many angles needed to be addressed in order to see why this happened. Historians and anthropologists have been trying to go beyond the bias history to uncover what happen. In the book “What Caused the Pueblo Revolt of 1680”, historians try to answer this question, some theories hold more pull then others in terms of what and why. Through reading this anthology I believe the revolt happened for cultural and religious reasons because the Spaniards were threatening the indigenous people’s very way of life through violence, exploitation of land/resources (food), and demoralization of their old ways and practices.
Bowden’s idea of why this happened focused mainly on the old misunderstood traditions of the tribes living in Mexico. He shows how the friars, churches and icons took the blunt of the revolts force. Bowden points out the religious differences and similarities be...

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...hnocide would not be the reason for the pueblo revolt. The tribes themselves were different from one another, but when they banned together they were doing it for the same reason. Yes, the droughts and famines had a big effect on the situation, but these catalysts just furthered the animosity the indians had towards the white. If you look at the small uprising that occurred 1640s, 1660s, and the “crack down” in the 1670s, they were all focused on punishment for practices there old religious customs. Anywhere you look in the world, its trials and tribulations are rooted from cultural differences and religious values. To escape religious persecution and taxation from a king was the reason the USA started. Many examples through time will show us that problems will be caused when one culture feels superior in culture, government and the most important, religion.

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