Causes of Swelling Feet Essay

Causes of Swelling Feet Essay

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The swelling of the feet is a condition of the feet muscles that have excessive buildup of the fluid. This may result in a rapid gain in weight in a short period of time.
The swelling of the lower part of the legs is commonly seen during the warmer months of the year like the summer season. A person standing or walking for quite sometime are more likely to have feet swelling.
It occurs during the third trimester of pregnancy that results in swelling of the lower legs and feet. In fact it is seen that almost 90 percent of the pregnant women have this problem.

Causes of Swelling Feet
What causes feet swelling? The main reason for swelling feet is because the fluid in the tissues builds up and these fluids are pulled down towards the feet and ankles causing such kind of swelling. The swelling can be symptoms of a chronic condition that may occur in the kidney, liver and the heart and also the blood vessels.
Some of the causes of swelling are given below:
• Eating a less healthy food that is high in salt and carbohydrates.
• Pregnancy
• Birth control pills or any hormonal replacement therapy pills
• Muscle injury
• Sodium retention
• Any kind of muscle injury
• Varicose veins
• History of phlebitis
• Reactions caused due to allergy
• Preeclampsia
• Neuromuscular disorders
• Laxative abuse
• Trauma
• Diuretics abuse
• Drug abuse

Symptoms of Feet Swelling
At first, the swelling of the feet and that of the ankles appear which gradually progresses with the period of time. In a worst case scenario in long term swelling of the feet, usually causes pitting which occurs while pressing the affected area for few seconds. This may also lead to indentation. However it is observed that continued swelling of th...

... middle of paper ... using sesame seeds and palm sugar
• Swelling feet are very common during pregnancy which can be treated by using sesame seeds. In a glass of water, soak twenty sesame seeds and keep it overnight. The next morning drink them in empty stomach.
• Palm sugar is also effective to reduce swelling feet. In two cups of water add a full teaspoon of palm sugar. To this add two tablespoon of fennel seeds. Now the whole mixture until the liquid is reduces to half. The dose of the drink should be three times a day that reduces the swelling and also protect the feet from further swelling.

Apart from all the home remedies for swelling feet, resting the feet in short intervals of time, stretching and feet exercise are also beneficial for swelling feet. A good well-balanced diet which basically contains all the important nutrients and minerals prevents feet swelling.

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