The Causes Of Marine Life Extinction Essay

The Causes Of Marine Life Extinction Essay

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The Causes of Marine Life Extinction
Did you know that more than 90 percent of all organisms that have ever lived on Earth are extinct? According to Pandey, the author of Humans Pushing Marine Life toward ‘Major Extinction’, nearly 10,000 species go extinct each year, and this rate is estimated to be 1,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate (1). Human beings are causing irreversible damage to the oceans and their wildlife, which is being led by two major reasons: Commercial fishing or over-fishing, which damaged the marine environment and caused a loss in the marine life diversity, and pollution, which is a primary way of the extinction causes that drastically modifies the marine life habitat. As a result of the commercial fishing and pollution, many of the marine species will start disappearing of the oceans. Briggs emphasizes that over-fishing “has induced population collapses in many species. So instead of having less than a hundred species at risk, as was the case some 30-40 years ago, there are now a thousand or more (10).”
The first cause of the marine extinction is coming from over-fishing and commercial fishing. According to Marine Extinction and Conservation, commercial fishing has resulted in the collapse of about a thousand populations that once supplied most of the world’s seafood during the past 50 years (Briggs 1.) In other words, people are taking more fish out of the ocean than it can be replaced by those remaining. Due to over-fishing and its change in the environment, there will be several effects in the genetic and in the species diversity from marine organisms.
Genetic diversity, the first effect of over-fishing, is related to the genes that modify the characteristics and functions contained within...

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... as acidic as lemon juice or vinegar, which killed off nearly everything. (6)
Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the pollution and collaborate with the ecosystem and wildlife by doing taking simple actions. Some of those ways have been taught when most of the people were still a child. The easiest way to start this process is by walking or riding bikes instead of driving; motor vehicle remains the most significant source of air pollutants. Another way to help is by conserving energy; for instance, turning off the lights, computers, or other electric appliances can help significantly. Since in modern society it is practically impossible to not drive at all, the last way to help is getting regular maintenance on vehicles; provide an oil change every 6 months, and be aware of when the fuel filters need to be changed according to the vehicle recommendations.

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