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The Causes of Depression Essay

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I am choosing to write my paper on depression for a couple different reasons. The first of these is that I have suffered from it for the last little bit of my adult life. Depression has not been an easy thing for me, or my family. There are many different symptoms of depression, and I have suffered a lot of these personally. The second reason I chose depression is that I wanted to gain a greater knowledge on the matter, and know how to better handle problems I am faced with. Depression is a serious issue not only to me, but to society today. It can lead to suicides, divorces, poverty. The third reason is that my mother suffered from post partum depression with my last sibling. This caused a lot of heartache for our family. Depression has many different varieties. There are many different outcomes from it as well, but the focus of my research will be depression among students, post partum depression, and treatment options for depression.
Causes of Depression
According to the Department of Health and Services, they say that depression can have many different causes. These causes can range from many different things family inheritance, biochemistry, environmental stressors, and other factors, can be involved when depression occurs. (Department, Depression: What Every Woman Should Know )
They also believe that there is a risk for the onset of depression if there is a possibility that a member of your family has had the illness previously, in other words saying, that because of your biology you may be subject to depressive qualities. However, there it is not saying that just because depression runs in your family you will automatically be subject to the same fate. They also believe that you can suffer from depression i...

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