Causes of Brain Trauma and their Consequences Essay

Causes of Brain Trauma and their Consequences Essay

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Addressing gender disparity and fostering equity in University Education
Examine causes of brain trauma and their consequences.

Question: (A) Explain the causes of brain trauma and their consequences.

According to Gregory (2001) the brain is defined as the control centre for the most complex organ of the human body. Traumatic brain injury is defined as a result of the application of either external physical force or rapid acceleration/deceleration forces as alluded to by Mayo Clinic (2014). Brain trauma is also known as brain injury or traumatic brain injury and the terms will be used interchangeably in this paper. Several causes of brain trauma will be explained amongst them falls, accidents, violence and explosive blast. This results in neuropsychological consequences which are short term or long term. This paper will attempt to unveil the causes and consequences of brain trauma.

The brain is the control centre of the whole body. Gleitman, Gross and Reisberg (2011) posits that the brain generates our personality, habits, skills, emotions, memories, hopes, it regulates appetite, anger, learning and many other functions of the body. Mayo Clinic (2014) proposes that brain trauma is when an external mechanical force causes the brain cells to dysfunction. This usually results from a violent blow to the head penetrating the skull into the brain damaging the brain cells. Brain injury by whatsoever causes is bound to affect the control centre of the body and result in short or long term, temporary or permanent consequences.

Traumatic brain injury may be considered as either mild and some moderate to severe and they can include any of the signs and symptoms of mild injury, as well as...

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