Essay on The Causes for Animal Disappearences

Essay on The Causes for Animal Disappearences

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From 1970 to 2006, about one-third of the vertebrae species of animals have been considered to be endangered of extinction (Generation Extinction). Nearly fifty percent of primates and thirty percent of amphibian species are already extinct or are endangered of becoming extinct. The Greater and Lesser Scaup duck species of ducks, from Canada, have plummeted from right around 6 million to about three and half million (Martin). There are many reasons why are disappearing in the rate that they are but, habitat destruction, using unethical methods of hunting, and diseases from starvation and dehydration the majors.
Since the human population has sky rocketed, we require more and more land for farming and urban development that we are pushing into more wild areas of the world. Because of that, we are going into uncharted areas that we have never been in. For example, we are now moving into the Amazon Rainforest, were most of the oxygen that we breathe is produced, and are tearing down the forest for farming and cities to develop (Miller). In Africa, the Great Gorillas’ numbers have been hurt from deforestation. These apes need these forests for food and for protection from predators. Without trees and other plants, they cannot eat, raise their young, or protect themselves. Another reason why animals are losing their habitats is from pollution. Not only pollution destroys an animal’s environment but, it can lead to other health factors that can harm not only animals, but also humans as well. After the nuclear explosion at the Chernobyl factory in Ukraine, both plants and animals were exposed to very high levels of radiation that this ecosystem will probably never recover to its former self. The radiation has caused major mutations in ...

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...el other than wood or gases, habitat loss can almost be stopped. Use your brain when you hunt so that you do not kill more than what you need.

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