Essay on Causes and Treatment of Depression

Essay on Causes and Treatment of Depression

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Feeling sad is normal to an extent but once that sadness feels like it is part of life there is something wrong, it might be depression. Depression is felt for over a period of time and can make someone feel like there is no hope. Depression happens to all kinds of people and different times in their life. It happens all over the world and sometimes it goes undetected because people do want to share how they are feeling with other and they decide to keep those horrible feelings inside which may make their depression condition worsen. There are different type of depression, minor and major depression. Depression can be caused by different events in peoples life and cause different effects on each individual. It can happen to kids, adolescents, adults, and elderly, also the rich and poor. It is a mental disease that can happen to anyone.
Depression is a serious mental disease to have but it is not the end of the world if someone has it because it can be treated if the person wants to be cured. Depression is not a disease that can be noticed on someone, it is something that is noticed by paying close attention to the person even then it is still hard to tell if someone has depression. This mental disease causes a painful experience for the person with it and the ones around him. In his book Mental Depression: Forms, Causes and Treatment Rafael D. Moy said, “Depression is a common but serious illness, and most who experience it need treatment to get better.”(2009) He proves the point that people should not underestimate depression, they should take it very serious and help the people that need to get rid of a depression because it is causing them emotional pain in their lives. Depression does not cause a certain type of symptom. ...

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... with depression and that it is a disease that can get rid of.

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