Causes And Effects Of Technology Essay

Causes And Effects Of Technology Essay

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Causes and Effects of Technology
Each era is controlled by a major force, or advancement. In this generation, it happened to be technology. Looking from the outside in, the logic is that the technology will brighten the future. But, in recent years, technology has begun to put a dimming light on the brain of students in America. There have been many inventions; the computer, e-mail, the television, satellite television, and many more. Today, these inventions have drastically changed the world in a variety of ways. Technology plays a role in an assortment of modern day life such as business sales, communication, transportation, and education. Above all, education has been heavily affected by technology; using the calculator to solve math problems, Google to find essays, and most importantly cell phones. This “technological revolution” has been all but progressive; the effects have been both positive and negative on the American education both mentally and financially.
There are many different scenarios and issues that should be addressed before allowing technology in a school system. In today’s educational system, teachers use technology every day; presenting on their smart boards using PowerPoint, exchanging email, online grading systems, blogging on class blogs, or implementing standardized tests. The outcome of such use has both positive and negative effects on student education. A positive effect of using such technology is that it could keep the students more engaged since they are on their laptops and phones most of the time anyway. Moreover, teaching with technology can increase the credibility of teachers with students, helping students realize that teachers have more than one sole purpose. Students will realize that te...

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...eachers more for the reason that they feel like they are both on the same level, technologically. Opposing sides of this use of technology are that plagiarism can occur. Students become lazy and try to take the short-cut and copy and paste someone else’s work rather than their own. Effects of such behavior have countless consequences. If plagiarism were to occur in college, a student could be banned from attending. In high school, pursuing the action of plagiarism could leave a bad reputation on the student for future before they make it to college.
In conclusion, various questions and issues arise when technology is thought of being implemented in a school system: the effects can be both positive and negative. Some students and school systems have more positive or negative effects depending on what generation they grew up in or the type of environment they are in.

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