Causes And Effects Of Coral Reefs Essay

Causes And Effects Of Coral Reefs Essay

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The ocean, beautiful from what everyone can see, but there’s more to what the tourists’ eyes show as they come to see the views on the beaches. Coral reefs are starting to deteriorate more severally due to human and natural causes. The tourists visiting these beaches have no idea that they are affecting how long the coral reefs are going to last and how fast they are going to be gone. If nothing is done to help the reefs they may be gone sooner than later. Many people believe that the reefs are dying off because all because of natural causes and the human activity is helplessly getting the blame. Although natural causes contribute to the decrease in reefs, human activity is the main cause in way the reefs are not able to live as well as they used to. If humans are causing the problem there are ways that they can fix the problem or help make the reefs last longer.
There has been a lot of talk about the reefs dying because of global warming but that is definitely not the only thing contributing to the reefs steep decrease in the past years. Human activity has caused a lot of damage up till now and if nothing is done to help the reefs they will be gone sooner than later. “58% of the world’s reefs are potentially threatened by human activity,”(United Nations Environment Programme). More than half of the reefs could be gone because of human activity increasing and some people may not even know what’s actually happening. If half the reefs could be saved due to changing the way people were towards the reefs, that could save so many sea creatures and beautiful reefs people love to look at. Most of the harm is being done on the coastal reefs due to human activity and population increase. The coral reefs are harmed by the fishing techniqu...

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... Manila Times). The coral triangle is making efforts to stop overfishing especially where the reefs are on the coast which are helping the reefs recover from overfishing in the past. The reef that covers 1.6 million square Km is getting money from all six countries to try and save the reef from dying which goes to show that efforts to helping the reefs is happening.
The coral reefs are dying from natural and human causes and efforts are being made to try and slow the process of the decrease in the reefs. More work is needed to be done but if humans are not willing to change their ways and put and effort in the reefs will be gone sooner than we know it. If tourists are more cautious and people living on the coast do not not increase dramatically the population should stay pretty level giving the reefs some time to recuperate and let them become beautiful once again.

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