Causes And Effect Of The On Entering The World On The Day Of September 2014

Causes And Effect Of The On Entering The World On The Day Of September 2014

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Upon entering the world on the 25th day of June 2014 — brown skinned Asha Rose 's little slanted eyes, toes with gaps in between them, and distinct face shape led her doctors to believe she had Down Syndrome. She was diagnosed with a chromosomal condition in which babies’ developmental milestones and overall health is grossly affected. Expressly, as a result, Asha Rose has a congenital heart condition called Atrial Septic Defect. Considerably, several doctors have stated she may need surgery to remediate the effects of this defect. However, the two year old Asha Rose has proven perseverant. As an illustration of her tenacious spirit, at she walks like a boss and even says two word sentences.
Asha is a member of an extremely large family. In fact, her household is comprised of both parental figures, four sisters, and one brother. Asha Rose’s growing up in a large family has proven advantageously imperative in the advancement of her development. To explain, she has the benefit of constant interaction with other children who are developmentally ahead of her. Consequently, her own course development has been positively affected. Expressly, Asha plays with and has several “little helpers” for everything from potty training to feeding. The most compelling evidence of the positive impact of her siblings is the manifestation of her own experimental inquisitivity and independence. To illustrate, she enjoys putting on her own shirts and feeding herself. Additionally, Asha Rose loves music. She has responded to music since she was a newborn. Asha Rose is full of personality and is remarkably vocal. She has mastered the art of projecting her voice or being very quiet to attain what she desires. In fact, she has impressed h...

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...eyond the time that was suitable for Asha. However, the team at the Bell Center discouraged that practice because they noticed that she was regressing in her developmental abilities and the muscle tone in her jaws was weakened. They identified that issues like those would ultimately affect her cognitive development, especially concerning areas like speech. Considerably, it was determined that even though Asha was getting older in age, her ability to suck was becoming more like that of a newborn. In order to promote efficacious development for Asha, the team gave information and directions to the family to help Asha Rose improve in that area. Nevertheless, Asha Rose is growing up in a Christian family where prayer for prosperity and light regarding to her health is encouraged. Thus far, her family’s faith has been a key part in the advancement of her development.

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