Essay about Causes And Consequences Of Global Warming

Essay about Causes And Consequences Of Global Warming

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It is time to take a step back, and look at what is happening all around the world. There are very dramatic changes happening to the the place we call home. Many people are unaware of the damage that has been done to earth, and the real harm that is coming along with it now. As humans have polluted and slowly destroyed our planet earth. If no actions are taken upon to help fix the damage already done, and help prevent more from happening global warming will shortly lead to death everywhere. Effects that are currently happening are rising sea levels and climate change, certain countries are already dealing with effects of global warming worse then others, and more animals are going extinct.
First, global warming is making changes to the planet that are going to be irreversible, and cause humans to make a change in the way they live. Over the year’s people have done so much damage to the planet, and now side effects are showing what our future will hold. Studies have been done that show earth will have more frequently hot days, longer heat waves will be common, storms including flo...

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