Causes And Consequences Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Essay

Causes And Consequences Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Essay

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Why is it such a bad thing to consume alcohol before or during pregnancy? It is assumed to be common sense to not to drink while pregnant, but without education many people may not know the real dangers and consequences of this action. There are many different birth defects or diseases that a baby can contract because of his or her mother’s alcohol consumption while or right before pregnancy. A disorder known as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a one risk for those who have mothers that were not careful during their pregnancy. But, what is fetal alcohol syndrome? Why does alcohol have this effect on the fetus during pregnancy? How does it affect the victims of this disorder? Is there a type of diet that will reduce the symptoms in those who have are expecting to have a baby with FAS? Fetal alcohol syndrome can take a toll on the personality, productivity and overall health of the person who has this ailment.
According to mayo clinic, FAS is a congenital disease in children that were exposed to alcohol during their mother’s pregnancy. The exposure to alcohol during gestation causes defects physical, brain, and behavioral defects (“Fetal alcohol syndrome”). FAS is not curable; in fact, when a person is born with this disorder, it is not reversible. Many mothers who consume alcohol can also increase their risk of having a miscarriage or still birth. These are children who do not have a chance to live their lives and make their own mistakes. Instead, their fate was decided by alcohol. There are many different symptoms to FAS; many different people with FAS may have minor defects, where others it may show up physically that they have something wrong with them. Physical symptoms include deformities, visual and hearing difficulties, a s...

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... a reduced risk of FAS. Researchers are currently having tests done on lab rats and other mammals and they have done no research on humans. One day if these nutrients can be added into the diet of a pregnant woman, the damage of ethanol may be reduced in the fetus.
Overall, the best decision to make is to not consume alcohol during pregnancy. Studies have shown on numerous occasions on how much the consumption of alcohol is negative with the development of the fetus and how those with FAS are negatively affected the rest of their lives. Awareness is key, and those like Taylor and his parents who work to help others with the disorder so they can receive help and try to live their lives as normally as possible. Undiagnosed or misdiagnosis in children is unacceptable; the more they know and get help, the better they will function in society as they grow into an adult.

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