Causes And Consequences Of Divorce Essay examples

Causes And Consequences Of Divorce Essay examples

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If you turn to the person on the left, and then you the turn to the one on the right, there is a chance only one of you three will have a lasting marriage. As the years go by, the reasons for divorces pile up. The words “will you marry me?” turn into “why did I get married?!” One of the leading causes to marriages failing is a disconnection with expectations. For example, it is no secret that during a lot of cases the female may have wanted a family after marrying, and the male just wanted them (and the sexual activities). However, once a child comes along it changed everything. A major responsible called parenthood comes adding stress and pressure. The husband tells the wife he is not ready for this, and disappears without a trace. The women has barely been able to contact him and he gives no support, thus, leading to a divorce. The next common, yet unfortunate cause of divorce is poor time management. During a marriage, couples are sometimes too busy with other activities instead of spending quality time with their spouse. For instance, any jobs that requires a lot of travel and business trip tend to take away from their partner, and also if one or both of the spouses are busy hanging out with friends. The unwillingness to let go of past behaviors. That leads both parties to feeling unappreciated, lonely or even depressed at the lack of time they spend with one another. That alone time puts a lot of stress in a marriage, and it begins an unhealthy relationship. The end results leads both or one to lose sight of the passion they once felt. They could also began to look in other places for the appreciation and happiness that was lost. Once again potentially leading to filing for divorce. It at time can feel impossible to gi...

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...e. However, as so our society advances, those ideas change along with it. Nothing stays the same forever. The living cost has become too high to marry someone just for being in for the love. The temptations that are all around us can be too unbearable to just give it all up. Being married used to me becoming one connected soul, but now couples prefer to be disconnected, while they forcing themselves to stay together. I would not be surprised if 15 years from now only 20% of marriages are successful. The world has steadily become increasingly full of greed, lust, and selfish thoughts. Even still, it won’t completely go away. It may seem like an unrealistic dream, but as long as a small percent of people doesn’t give up on the true concept that marriages were founded on, it will always be in our society. The true loving that marriages inspires cannot be erased.

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Causes And Consequences Of Divorce Essay examples

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