Causes And Consequences Of Death Scares Essay

Causes And Consequences Of Death Scares Essay

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What is a tragic fear? Is it something life brings or was it already with you waiting to come out of the shadows? Not only does life bring joy and happiness it also brings tragedy and fear. An example of some of these fears would be: fear of the unknown, new places, jobs, or even people, rejection, if you don 't find a way to cope with these fears they lead to phobias. Life can present many types of fears.
One of the common fears life brings to the table is the unknown. Many people, including myself, fear the unknown. There are two types of unknown fears that scare me the most. This would be death and losing control of a situation. The reason why death scares me is because you never know when your time is coming. It could be anything from suicide, to an accident, to homicide or even natural causes. Death brings the element of the unknown as well, because what happens to you after you 're gone? Death also plays hand-in-hand with losing control of a situation. I fear losing control. I am a big control freak and like to be in control almost all the time. Since I can 't tell the future, I often fear it. With all the challenges that come my way, I 'm afraid to lose control. Fearing the unknown just comes naturally with life, after all life does bring many different types of fears; the unknown is just one of the many.
Another fear life brings us is fear of new places. This could happen by moving away from home or even getting a new job. In the near future I will either be packing a bag and moving to Newport, Rhode Island, there is a military base there for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), or will be packing a bag to join the United States Navy Seals. My only problem with moving to Newport or joining the Navy is that I w...

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...a trial run of your new commute, making note of gas stations, coffee shop or grocery stores along the way. The best way to cope with rejection is to make sure you tell yourself “rejection is not necessarily-...-a reflection on who you are (Neumann.)” Rejection is common and you just need to tell yourself the quote above and it will help you to keep fighting. Coping with phobias, make sure you confront the situation and deal with the frightening thoughts.
Many fears are associated with life. After all you have fear of the unknown, fear of new places, new jobs, and fear of rejection, phobia and the best way to cope with all these fear. Life can cause some stressful situation which may cause you to fear it a little but you just need to remember to continue to face your fears that way they do not become phobias. Phobias are harder to get rid of than just a normal fear.

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