Essay on The Cause Of Bulimia Nervosa

Essay on The Cause Of Bulimia Nervosa

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The cause of bulimia nervosa is increasingly being tied to genetic factors within the familial DNA chemistry (Sinacola, R., & Strickland, T., 2012, p. 106). While no one can definitely say what causes eating disorders, this dysfunctional behavior seems to be the method adolescents and young adults turn too more often than not, to deal with various states of unhappiness as they transition to adulthood. Typically, teens with that come from families with a history of depression, addiction, or anxiety seemed to be more likely to develop an eating disorder. This evidence, coupled with the influence of the mixed messages adolescents tend to visualize on television and read in magazines also structures the mindset in what is socially acceptable in terms of what is considered physically attractive (Yancey, 1999, p. 26-27).
I feel it is imperative that we clarify the word “depression” in regards to eating disorders as the word is often thrown about haphazardly these days and somewhat diminishing the true definition of a person 's level of depression. Psychologists tend to believe that adult diagnosis of depression is far easier to diagnose than those of adolescents as youngsters tend to be able to mask their depression in many different ways. Now one may think a person is depressed say if the lost a high school game they feel they could 've one or perhaps the death of a close family member. Well, this is depression but it is finite whereas the person is down for only a measurable amount of time and tends to pick themselves back up and get back into the routine of their daily lives eventually. However, a person that suffers from clinical depression fear far worse than a person with just so-called depression. Clinical depression is a diagn...

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...atment and recovery is to surround oneself with emotional support which in normally through family and friends. This network will be the crutch you can rely on when the going gets rough and you began to perhaps withdraw from what you know you should be doing. This group also should be someone that has your best interest at heart—they will give it to you straight when they see you veering off the designated path—and you have to respect them enough to take that “tough love” and not blow off constant oversight of our progression. Lastly, eating disorders can become chronic, debilitating, and even life-threatening conditions. This can be a fatal disorder if not taken seriously and one has to conclude that this may be a life-long battle and you may never be “cured”, just that this is something that you will have to learn to control and not diminish your future endeavors.

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