The Cause Of Alcoholism And Alcohol Dependence Essay

The Cause Of Alcoholism And Alcohol Dependence Essay

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The cause of Alcoholism and alcohol dependence has been the subject of many discussions and debates. These range from scholarly discussions to personal conversations. Individuals with parents and relatives who are alcoholics either fear drinking or use the presences of alcoholism as an excuse to live in that lifestyle. There are also those who believe it is purely caused by environmental factors. Despite the different ends of this debate, it seems that most people can agree that there is not one factor that leads to alcohol issues. The most rational conclusion seems to be that it is a combination of a person 's environment and their genetic predispositions that can lead to alcoholism and/or alcohol dependence. Both views will be looked and it seems fitting that neither side can fully explain what drives an individual to rely so heavily on alcohol.
A major part of anyone 's environment is the media. Whether it be ads in every various form, or the shows and movies that are watched, media is a huge part of the American culture. While media may not be a person 's full environment, it is always there and it is present everyday. This being said, it seems reasonable that media must be looked at when considering alcohol issues in an individual 's life. “Media 's Role In the Social Learning of Teen Drinking” is a video that opens the door to the seemingly heavy use of alcohol is popular shows and movies. The video references the fact that the current pop culture shows drinking as a good thing and it shows this repeatedly. A major component to this is having movies and television shows display top named celebrities drinking and having a good time. Because of the big names and the repetitive nature of their actions, drinking becomes...

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...s a strong genetic component. The data did not show a strong positive correlation between alcoholic parents and their offspring developing alcoholism. Though the correlation was not strong, there was a positive correlation between alcoholic parents and alcoholic offsprings. This seems to support, if only mildly, the genetic component to the cause of alcoholism.
With all the data presented in this paper, as well as the large quantities of data available on the topic, that the reasonable conclusion is there is not one single cause of alcoholism. It seems logical to believe that there is no cause of alcoholism and that the two of the main influences that can lead to alcoholism is environment and genetic disposition. While both can lead to alcoholism, neither are the sole cause of alcoholism and both are at least responsible for some portion of alcoholism.

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