Essay about Cause And Results Of The American Revolution

Essay about Cause And Results Of The American Revolution

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Cause and Results of the American Revolution
Following the Indian and French War, Great Britain sought currency from colonist in America. Therefore, the British administration assigned taxes upon colonist. Great Britain believed settlers should compensate for warfare because it was fought halfway to protect the states. As a result, the Stamp Act was put in place, which required the buying of stamps for manufactured goods. Several settlers declined to compensate Britain. They negated to do so because the tax was not voted upon. Colonists following the direction of Samuel Adams established the Sons of Liberty to challenge the Stamp Act (Hickman, 2015).
Meanwhile, due to the failed attempts of the Stamp Act, Britain supplanted it with a duty on imports termed the Townshend Acts (Massachusetts Historical Society, 2016). Along these lines, settlers rejected to purchase goods. The Daughters of Liberty was created to produce cloth and tea. The colonial boycott was stifling British vendors; therefore, King George III gave direction to British warriors and battleships to the 13 colonies. Pressures resulted to a hazardous degree in Boston amongst the settlers and the British warriors March 5, 1770. Rounds were discharged in which in many were slain. This event came to be known as the Boston Massacre.
As an aftereffect of colonists ' challenges, Britain dismissed all taxes with the exception of the expense on tea. The Tea Act stated the British East India Company remained the leading company allowed to distribute tea to colonists. Enraged Boston rebels disguised themselves as Native Americans and dumped at least 340 crates of tea into the Boston Harbor ( Staff, 2009). This event became known as the Boston Tea Party.
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...l Revolution would be pollution, which had major effects on the environment. Factories were constantly being used admitting emissions into the air that harmed the environment. Urbanization of cities led to deforestation because the cities had to be expanded to fit the growing population. Soil depletion also occurred since there was a larger population to feed. This resulted in more food being produced to reach the demand of the people. Workers received low wages for their work even though they worked hard and extremely long hours. This caused problems in society and let to protest and violence from the working class. From this outrage, unions were created to protect the rights of factory workers ( Staff, 2009). Overall, industrialization changed most of society for the better. Inventions were created, which led to the increase of global connectivity.

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