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The Cause And Effects Of The Industrial Revolution Essay example

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The Cause and Effects of the Industrial Revolution
During the 1800’s, the world went through a huge shift, which we call the Industrial Revolution. This shift transformed and changed the way human life exist on this planet today. The Industrial Revolution changed our agrarian life style and lead us to great technological advancement, which was a turning point in the history of mankind that affected the world forever.
The agrarian society’s primary source of wealth, before the Industrial Revolution, was through agriculture. With economies based on agriculture, farmers were self-sufficient, families lived on farms, produced their own food, and would use agriculture as a means of barter and trade. The lifestyle of agrarians where separated from urban lifestyle. But when the Industrial Revolution happened, life changed completely for the agrarian societies.
The Industrial Revolution urbanized and mechanically engineered the world. People moved and migrated to seek jobs and means of making money. Because of this, factory growth flourished. Unlike the previous man or horse powered devices, complex machines took the place that were fueled by steam power.
There are key roles in Great Britain’s success in achieving the Industrial revolution and making it happen. First was the agrarian revolution. The agrarian revolution changed the way we farm today. Due to great inventions such as seed drills and fertilizer, food could be grown not only faster but better. This made better access to abundance of food for people. With this new style of growth, farmers were lead to more idle time for making money. This then created what we call the “Enclosure movement.” The enclosure movement caused land, formerly owned by members of a village used for...

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...and office workers; and the working class which was farmers and factory workers. This structure has caused detrimental effects in our economic system, leading to less wealth distribution.
The effect of imperialism grew due to the demands of products outside countries. In the long run, imperialism has done more harm than good. Although imperialism helped expose countries to complex systems, such as science, technology and transportation; it exploited resources, weakened value systems, and left no freedom.
The Industrial Revolution fundamentally changed our way of life with the expansion of the economy. It brought technology, wealth, and power, but at what cost? Quality of life for people during this time was unthinkable. The industrial Revolution may have bettered lives for some, but the ripples of its effect can been seen today in the gap of classes in our society.

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