Essay about Cause And Effect Of Smoking

Essay about Cause And Effect Of Smoking

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Cause and Effect of Smoking
“Young people are attracted to caffeine, hard drugs, alcohol and smoking for any number of reasons.” Today in this world, smoking is rapidly spreading all over the world and nobody is trying to prevent this habit. Smoking has become common and fashionable in this world, especially, among young generation. “Smoking and/or drinking are often seen as a ‘cool’ or adult thing to do but it is a case of trying to educate young people about the dangers of these.” Mostly, it starts at school because students try to experiment new things. Mostly, students learn from other students and then they start to implement that on their selves. Smoking is one of the main issues, that effecting our young generation and old generation health badly, smoking causes people premature death and smoking influencing our environment very badly.
Firstly, Cigarettes are available everywhere in this world with no age limits and causing premature death. Moreover, there are no restriction on smoking and cigarettes are being sold worldwide, people are making money from it by selling these deadly things that can ruin today’s young generation’s whole life. Additionally, government should ban smoking, in order to protect young generation. “In one sense, the case for a federal smoking ban in public housing is plain: Smoking is terrible, and smoking bans in public places are good for the public.” In addition, “In 2012, $9.17 billion was spent on advertising and promotion of cigarettes—more than $25 million every day, or more than $1 million every hour.” Media is playing a big role to promote smoking from young generation to old generation and this quote explains it all that how eagerly media is trying to promote smoke wo...

... middle of paper ... very great thing that smoker can do and quitting smoking is not impossible but it is very difficult to quit after long time.

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