Cause And Effect Of No Child Left Behind Essay

Cause And Effect Of No Child Left Behind Essay

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Cause and Effect Writing: No Child Left Behind
For years, the No Child Left Behind program and parents have gone head to head. Some parents believe that their children are not ready to advance, while the NCLB believes the students are ready to progress. The law does not care if the students does not understand the curriculum, just as long the child is meeting deadlines and passing the states standardized tests. This type of learning system only causes stress for teachers, students, and can be very unreliable.
In today’s America, the educational system has been blaming teachers for the failure of students. This pressure put on teachers causes a lot of unneeded stress and can even be demoralizing. Instructors are always trying to put the student’s best interest first. But with the state pressuring them for deadlines, it is difficult to meet the needs of every student. It is also extremely unlikely for one teacher to help each child meet their individual goals.
Each adolescent has a different objective as well as a unique style and pace of learning. In an article titled One Teacher’s Cry: Why I Hate No Child Left Behind, Susan Hobart, an elementary teacher, talks about why her job is so demoralizing. Ms. Hobart writes, “While I still connect my lesson plans to students’ lives and work to make it real, this no longer is my sole focus” (Hobart). What she is saying is her focus has had to change to what seems to be like a prep course for students. School is now only a place to learn how to take tests which are not based on correct or justifiable information. However, they are tests that tries to trick students with vocabulary and opinionated questions. It no longer helps students find a passion, or learn how to be different. School i...

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...could take fourth grade reading scores, but not take fifth grade scores. This would not only leave a gap in the schools data, but could also potentially harm the schools reliability. Overall the NCLB is not accurate, nor is it credible. With all the gaps in data and the scores being lower than other international scores, the No Child Left Behind law needs to be abolished.
No Child Left Behind is a law confining America’s educational system to a “one size fits all” method. The NCLB has taught the meaning of critical thinking, yet lacks the creativity needed to make the U.S a diverse country. Furthermore, it has caused many issues between parents and teachers, as well as between teachers and curriculum. This law has never cared, nor shall it ever care about the achievement of a student. The only thing that seems to matter is the score written in the corner of a paper.

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