Cause And Effect Of Comedy And Action Essay

Cause And Effect Of Comedy And Action Essay

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Cause and Effect of Comedy and Action

In our world today, scary movies are everywhere, people crave watching someone getting killed or watching someone who is possessed, I don’t get why people enjoy that ? It’s just not fun for me. I don 't “crave” watching those types of movies just as Stephen King said in his article.. I think it’s because since there is a variety of movies, we can choose other genres. maybe. Today I will be explaining the causes and effects of Comedy and Action movies.
In Stephen King’s article, he explains how everyone “craves” horror movies and how it’s a big thing and it’s so popular and cool, and well I believe I’m the exception for that. Scary movies do not have any effect on me and the cause of that is because you can always expect that something bad it’s going to happen and when it is going to happen. I don’t dislike scary movies, don’t get me wrong now, but Horror is not my genre because they do not make new scary movies nowadays, it is all about remaking movies and making them more from our era, rather than when it was originally made 20 or 30 years ago. The originals are always going to be better than the remakes, I think that they should focus more on new ideas for scary movies and less on how much they going to make, or how they can get a classic, and turn it into something full of crap. Well
Santos 2
anyways, I have focused too much on scary movies already. Now let me talk to you about other genres of movies.
There are different types of genres which are better than Horror, in my case it is Comedy and Action. In comedy get to experience a new sensation that they can’t feel anywhere else, in those 2 hours of the movie, people forget about all their problems. People go and see this types ...

... middle of paper ...

...ions, thus leading to violence. Just as Danny Boyle, a famous English film director, and screenwriter once said, “I like action movies, There is something extraordinary about action movies, which is absolutely linked to the invention of cinema and what cinema is and why we love it. But Action has evolved into something new and dark, it is becoming more and more violent each day.”
So it is believed that Action movies will increase physical aggressiveness among the people and violent criminal behavior.
In conclusion, I have discussed the cause of why people also crave watching Comedy and Action movies. And the effects Comedy/Action can have on all types of people and/or even society. Hopefully this might get your attention to watch all different genres of movies and not just Horror. And also backup my argument that, Horror movies are not the types of movies to watch.

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