Cause and Effect and Non-Renewable Resources Essay

Cause and Effect and Non-Renewable Resources Essay

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From the words of Mahatma Ghandi, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” This quotation holds highly true, despite society’s lack of recognition towards the concept. We religiously use non-renewable resources to meet our wants and needs at a rate too rapid for the source to replenish, which is causing depletion levels to rise. As this is done, we are also releasing emissions into our atmosphere that destroy the ozone layer and increase the effects of global warming. An excellent replacement of energy sources that inflate our global environmental crises is the use of tidal energy. This form of energy makes use of tidal flow to conduct electricity to be used across communities in a reliable way, yet it is majorly overlooked by society. By making tidal energy our world’s main power source, we would be able to live more sustainable lives in terms of energy production and the reduction of coal mining, as well as realizing that this innovative development is comparable to that of discovering the wheel.
The ability to produce electricity in a way that is emission free and completely renewable allows tidal energy to earn the reputation of being a highly sustainable choice for communities to invest in. Once a tidal energy plant has been built across an estuary, which is the part of a river where the tide meets the stream, the energy production process is able to begin. First, the tides must pass through the installed machinery and tunneling. The tidal waves that the production process uses are present between ten and twenty hours per day, and are therefore producing kinetic energy for the majority of each day. As the tide falls in and out, the motion causes water to move through the b...

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