Causation: Understanding the Process of Cause and Effect Essay

Causation: Understanding the Process of Cause and Effect Essay

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Causation is a process that happens due to constant human action throughout our day-to-day lives. In saying this, very simply describing it as such can derive a definition; causation is the action of causing something (Oxford Dictionaries 2014). David Hume, a well known philosopher on the topic of causation observes that while we may understand that two events seem to occur in conjunction, there is no way for us to know the nature of the connection (T. Honderich 2001). Hume provides an exceptionally strong argument that this paper will support and attempt by using examples in order to reinforce and justify why Hume’s theory is still relevant. This paper will look at counter arguments proposed by other philosophers who disagree with Hume’s view in order to provide an unbiased view upon this theory. Firstly this response will discuss causation as a whole to provide a better understanding of the process in which cause and effect happens. Other areas of focus will be, is causation just a habit of association, is there a likelihood that one thing can cause another, and finally the problems and counter arguments that are evident throughout twenty first century philosophy.

Our very first appreciation of causation is through observing what is happening around us. These observations involve causes with effects that are immediately effecting or apparent to the observer (D. Shanks 1985). A simple example of causation is the process of turning a light switch on or off. In doing this one can see the instant impact of either the light turning on or off. Although there are a number of factors that must be considered such as the effect of human nature. Even though an action of turning the light switch to the on position provides direct inten...

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...nd practical, but because of this, it has lasted the test of time.

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