Causalities Of Imprisonment : A Slave Of The American South Essays

Causalities Of Imprisonment : A Slave Of The American South Essays

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Casualties of Imprisonment: A Born Slave in the American South
Was slavery really worth it? Slavery should have never happened. Even though slaves were key to crop success in the US south, slavery should have never started because African Americans didnot do anything to intimidate or incite Americans. African Americans had to suffer critically physically, and they also had to suffer significantly emotionally.
People of different races have been enslaved by others. However, African American enslavement in the southern states of the US are a vital part of American history and it has formed America to this day. In an article called Slavery in America, the History Channel states that America first started importing slaves from Africa in 1619. The slaves first arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, which was a North American settlement, to deliver lucrative yields like tobacco. In 1641, Slavery was legalized (Slavery in America). HistoryNet clarifies that cotton soon turned into a noteworthy slave-driven yield, particularly when the development of the cotton gin arrived in 1793 (Slavery in America). Steadily, slaves became necessary in producing cotton, tobacco, and other cash crops in North America. After some time, the south held around four million African American slaves (Slavery in the American South). Slave labor became so profitable, that King Charles II in 1660, established a shipping company for Africans, that they called “black gold,” to be imported to America. As time advanced, inhumane treatment of slaves worsened and was soon raised to such a degree that the north tried to end it. Because of the north’s actions, the southern states secede from the Union. In order to save the Union, war had to transpire.
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...that after the Emancipation Proclamation was distributed, African-Americans, both free and runaways, volunteered openly to bolster the Union in decent numbers. After a horrific and long four-years of battling, the Civil War (April 12, 1861 – April 9, 1865) was at last over. The Union won. History Channel explains that later the 13th Amendment of the Constitution was passed and finally ended slavery (Slavery in America).
Without a doubt, while African Americans were vital to yield achievement on plantations, boats, and other places slaves worked, slavery should have never began. Slavery had numerous favorable circumstances for production, yet in the meantime, numerous burdens for slaves. Slavery extraordinarily affected the past and the future, both in the past and still presently. However, in light of the fact that slavery was allowed to start, many perished.

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