The Causal Relationship Of Health Essay

The Causal Relationship Of Health Essay

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Issues relating to health and well-being have always been a point of both interest and concern in the contemporary society. Not only are health issues being published more frequently, but articles relating to diet, healthy eating and exercising are also being taken into deeper consideration amongst individuals of the public society. Some scholars, such as Scambler (2008), argue that health is a genetic factor which may be less affected by lifestyles, but more on the environmental and natural-born characteristics one may possess. On the other hand, health is seen as a product of one’s social and behavioral factors (Nettleton, 2006) thus it is affected by the lifestyles adopted by an individual within their daily lives. There are many factors to explain the causal relationship in association with health, but the impact of lifestyle is an undeniable aspect. Therefore, I would be reluctant to believe its influence has been overstated in contemporary discourses. I will begin this essay by briefly introducing several aspects, other than lifestyle, that may have an influence on health status. However, I would like to put a greater emphasis on the type of lifestyles and the effect it has on people’s health conditions.
For past centuries, medical sociologists have been interested in various aspects of health and illness in different cultures, economic backgrounds, and time era. According to Scambler (2008), certain economic factors are viewed responsible for the major changes in health patterns. Unemployment, economic growth, and income distribution are some of the key points considered in his book, Sociology as applied to medicine. Nettleton (2006) views the differences of health patterns in a more social and cultural perspective regar...

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...oductivity. Often times, our actions as individuals may be held liable for the well-being other individuals. Occasions where employees of certain occupations may risk the lives of other people, such as doctors giving medical prescriptions for their patient is an example of such. In this case, lack of sleep may blur their memory, causing them to give incorrect prescriptions of medications and risking the lives of their patients (Dispatches, season 27, episode 13 2012). Another simple example would be smoking. Smoking not only damages the smoker’s health, but it also harms people around them through second-hand smoking. Therefore, I would like to conclude by emphasizing the importance of improving and sustaining a healthy body and mind through the adaptation of an appropriate lifestyle, as health is not an individual problem but a societal phenomenon (WHO ©2016).

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