Essay on Causal Impotence And The Global Environmental Harm

Essay on Causal Impotence And The Global Environmental Harm

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In the Nammour Symposium, the topic was Causal Impotence. The presentation that I attended was the essay winners. Danielle Williams, Jacob Lampl and Thomas Dunn were the winners and they each were giving a talk about their winning essay. The topic is causal impotence and the global environmental harm. In this paper, I will summarize the main points of each presenter. Following, I will move on to my critique on one of the presenters.
The first presenter was Danielle Williams. Her mission on the presentation was to say that individuals do make a difference indirectly. Williams, continues on to mention causal impotence is where individuals have a negligible impact in the world. To reinforce her idea, she gives a definition of causal potency: “individual work within an aggregated group as a collective synthesis and aggregate, synthesized groups have causal impact on the world. Such synthesized groups being made up of individuals who then indirectly in global affairs”(Danielle Williams). Meaning that our actions do matter as a whole. Some people might argue agains...

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