Essay on Catholism Outlawed in Iceland

Essay on Catholism Outlawed in Iceland

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It wasn't until Lutheranism was firmly in place, that Catholicism was outlawed by Icelandic law and outlawed to the point that for more than three centuries no Catholic priest was permitted to even set foot on Iceland.
To help convert the Norse to Christian ways, many pre-existing Norse practices and customs were converted into Christian practices, such as the Christening of a child.
When a child was born, there was a great deal of ceremony conducted by the Norse. For example, a newly born infant would be placed on the ground and then remained there until he or she was picked up by their father (or next of kin in his absence) and placed in the folds of his cloak. This act of picking up the infant by the father ceremoniously acknowledged the legitimacy and acceptance by the father as his offsping.
The father then examined the infant for any abnormalities and judged whether or not it had a future. This process decided the fate of the child as to whether it was to live or be left exposed to the wilderness to die. A custom commonly known to be practiced by the Greek Spartans.
If the...

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