The Catholic View On Marriage And Family Essay

The Catholic View On Marriage And Family Essay

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The Catholic View on Marriage and Family

As one of the oldest and most widespread religions on earth, the Catholic faith has often come under fire for the doctrines it relentlessly upholds. At the center of its social teachings, the Church shields the human dignity that is commonly thrown aside, reminding the world of where true human value lies. Along with it, Catholic doctrine puts forth her teachings on marriage and family, and all their implications, which serve as the fundamental building blocks of a fruitful society. In today’s world, individuals have not only grown ignorant of the importance of marriage and family, they have also disregarded the body’s theological significance. Regardless of religion, the Catholic view invites all people to correct their misconceptions dealing with the dignity of the individual man. Through an understanding of human dignity, which transcends from theology and natural law, the individual man can finally comprehend the fullness of his role in marriage, in the family, and in society. The Catholic view is certain that the traditional marriage and the family, as well as man’s role in them, must be respected and preserved because they follow the natural order and benefit the society as a whole.

As a precedent to the fruitful civilizations of humanity, the individual man must have recognized an undeniable characteristic that distinguished him from the savage animal. Through this characteristic man must have also acknowledged the dignity he, and all his counterparts, possessed. This human dignity, which was instilled into humanity through God, pertains to man’s physical and spiritual being. Indeed, the story of creation tells that man was created in the image of God - a God he was able to kn...

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...nes in order to protect it and allow it to flourish. Of these disciplines, the Church is adamant on protecting even the most fundamental of values - namely the dignity of man. Indeed, the Church acknowledges that it is from the dignity, in coalition with the soul, intellect, and free will, given to us by God that all other aspects of life can be (Catechism). The Catholic view invites Catholics, as well as offers a universal invitation, to recall the natural law in regards to fundamental cornerstones of humanity that deal with the traditional marriage and family. Despite the constant corrosion of secular and religious families and marriages, the Church is ever invested in providing direction to rebuild the cornerstones of humanity, urging men and women to return to the values of traditional marriage and family that are reinforced by natural law and Catholic doctrine.

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