Essay on The Catholic Church And Eastern Rite

Essay on The Catholic Church And Eastern Rite

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The groups of churches that are in communion with the Pope are part of the Catholic Church. There are quite a few individual churches, also known as Rites, which are part of the Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Catholic Church are often considered the same thing. Though the two do have many things in common, there are many things that separate them from each other. The Roman Rite and the Eastern Rite are equal, they teach the same faith, and it is the local customs that make them different.
After the Apostles were told to spread the Good News of the Gospel they carried that message to new and unknown places of the world, journeying far to the East and West. At the time, the Roman Empire consisted of the majority of Western Europe. The Empire was divided into the two parts of Rome and Byzantium in 292 to make governing easier. Since then, the Empire was almost considered to be two parts, the West and East. Each was influenced by different cultures and customs. The Catholic Church flourished within this system. Many communities of faith developed, but they all professed the same belief. They were all one Church and respected the Pope as the authority figure of the Church.
With the hierarchy of the Church appearing to be stable, a Patriarch was put into place. After the Pope, a Patriarch was given the highest ecclesiastical dignity. The Patriarch was given jurisdiction of the bishop, priests, and people in his rite’s territory. The old Canon Law recognized three Patriarchs and each were placed in charge of a territory of the Church. The Patriarchs were given equal rank while the Pope has authority over them all and the Church. With the way the ecclesiastical hierarchy was set up under these Patriarchs and given...

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...ents as well. Just like being able to partake in the other Rite’s Liturgy service, an individual could just as easily partake in the other Rite’s sacraments. Both Eastern Catholic Church and Roman Catholic Church have a strong community of the faithful. Since each Rite is considered apart of the Catholic Church and community, the faithful of each are united together by the Holy Spirit in the same faith.
The Eastern Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church are fully united under Canon Law. Their spiritual traditions remain similar and so do their beliefs in the Holy Trinity and God. Both recognize the Pope’s leadership and leave the pastoral care to him as successor of St. Peter. Although the Eastern Rite and Roman Rite are different from one another in tradition, customs, and liturgy, they are still the same Catholic religion at their core and in their beliefs.

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