The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis Essay

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis Essay

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The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis is one of the oldest churches in St. Louis. It is going to be a 100 years old with in a few months. There are many things that makes this church unique, First the two different designs that have been used in the exterior and the interior. The arches has an amazing art on them that makes them a pice of art for it self, However there are three domes they are colorful and has unique art pieces.

This Church took around 83 years for it to bee done 7 years to the exterior to be finish and 76 years for the interior to be finish. The interior took all this this time because there is not paint art at this church all of the art made of mosaics and a lot of gold. As i have been told it coast by today money around 85 million dollar to build. It is the largest collection of mosaics work in the world it took 20 artists to creates art to cover 83 thousand feet that containing 45.5 million pieces of mosaics with over 7 thousand color. started in 1912 and finished at 1988. In recognition of the beauty of this church Pope John Paul II designated the Cathedral of St. Louis a Basilica in 1997.

There is two different designs for the interior and the exterior because they want it too be all as Byzantine style interior, However the neighbors at that time did not like the
exterior design because it does not goes with the style of the neighborhood thus they build the exterior as Romanesque style. The unique things about the Byzantine style interior are the three Domes, the Arches, and the second floor that used females in the old age be attending the Mass at the second floor and the males at the first floor. and i have noticed a windows in the second floor which i have been informed that used too be fro the fema...

... middle of paper ...

...the future. I do not know why this happen

and if every one feel the same thing or not but that what i felt maybe because of all the art you start to think about there stories then you swim in your own stories.

The other think that i have learn that the priest wears different color depending on the day, they wear green for hope, yellow for happiness, red represent the blood of jesus, purple for sadness they do not wear black for sadness.

To sum up, going to The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis is one of the unforgettable day of my life. it was a new experience for me, i have enjoy it and i have learned many things by my visit to The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. The 20 artiest who did the art work at the church in my opinion they were the best artiest in that era thats why they could finish all the work with the highest details and makes it look magnificent.

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