The Catcher Of The Rye : Theme Loss Of Innocence Essay

The Catcher Of The Rye : Theme Loss Of Innocence Essay

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The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger has many different possibilities when discussing possibilities for theme. Salinger focuses heavily on innocence in this novel this leading us to the theme loss of innocence. The Catcher in the Rye is a bildungsroman and Holden Caulfield is a teenager looking for his identity therefore we can conclude that searching for identity could be a theme in this story. Holden has suffered a death already and it has affected him greatly coping with death is another possible theme for this story. Salinger left many possible themes for this story.
Innocence is the most important thing to Holden he learns the majority of his lessons by either seeing someone lose their innocence or losing it himself permitting it to be a suitable theme for the novel. Holden watches people around him loose their innocence and gets frustrated with them for giving it up so easily. “Old Luce” Holden 's student adviser from Whooton used to only talk to the boys about sex, as Holden says “The only thing he ever did, though, was give these sex talks and all, late at night when there was a bunch of guys in his room” (PAGE 158). But when Holden brings up the subject Luce is annoyed and replies “Must we pursue this horrible trend of thought?”. (PAGE 160) Holden very frustrated with the situation and called him a phony. Holden watches D.B. grow up and lose his innocence and this bothers him because Holden hates to see anyone grown up much less his brother. As D.B is introduced Holden expresses his thoughts about D.B.s going to Hollywood to write. D.B. had to grow up quickly to go to war and deal with Allie passing. His maturity is also amplified because both allie and Phoebe were innocent. Because D.B. is mature Holden is forced...

... middle of paper ... twenty and chapter six alike Holden had a physical confrontation and pretended to be shot when he was alone in his room. Holden fantasies about death trying to be closer to Ally. The way all of the characters cope with Holden’s death bring up all of the major ideas in the story thus being a possible theme for The Catcher in the Rye.
Salinger left the subject open when it came to discussing themes because there are many possible options. Losing innocence is important to the novel because innocence was so highly valued by Holden. Holden tries to find his own identity in such a big world throughout the entire novel. Holden and other character had to deal with the death of Allie and cope accordingly. Allie of these important facts about the story can be closely tied to a theme of the novel. The Catcher in the Rye had various themes that corresponded with the novel.

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