Catastrophic Concentration Camps

Catastrophic Concentration Camps

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“When I came to power, I did not want the concentration camps to become old age pensioner’s homes, but instruments of terror” -Adolf Hitler. Concentration camps had a friendly appearance on the outside, but it wasn’t enough to mask the horrific tortures on the inside. Hitler strategically planned every part of the terrible sites to complete his plan of the “Final Solution,” or to exterminate all of the Jews. The placement of the camps, how the camps were built, and the daily routines of the Jewish people there, were all planned by Hitler during the Holocaust. About 5,700,000-5,860,000 Jews were victims at this time in history and most were killed or tortured. As soon as Hitler came to power, death camps were built in the most strategic places to mass murder Jews soon after Hitler came to power.
Concentration camps were well thought-out to make Hitler’s plan more successful. Poland had the most concentration camps mainly because it had 3.3 million Jews before the Holocaust. This made it the country with the most Jews in Europe (Why were most of the Nazi extermination camps located in Poland”). Poland also had an excellent railroad system like the East, but the railways in the East were too busy to transport any more Jews (“Why were most of the Nazi extermination camps located in Poland”). It was also isolated enough to hide the terrible genocide from the rest of the world (Why were most of the Nazi extermination camps located in Poland”). People had no idea what was going on for a long time because the annihilation of the Jews was extremely secretive. Hitler used information to place and create all of the concentration camps in a plethora of different places.
All of the camps had specific items that assisted the genocide that took place in the torture camps. Each camp had barbed wire and fencing all around it to hold to Jews inside the camps (Shayna and Shada). Watch Towers were all around them to make sure nobody could escape (Shayna and Shada). Inside the camps were gas chambers that were meant to kill large amounts of people at once, but, these chambers were disguised as showers. Each camp had barracks, tents, or huts for the Jews to sleep in (Shayna and Shada). Massive ovens were used to burn and dispose of the thousands of bodies killed. Testing rooms were used to attempt different experiments and to learn new information (Shayna and Shada).

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There were numerous different types of testing, one being; cutting into the skull of someone alive to find out how the brain works (Shayna and Shada). The concentration camps were all built with certain objects to murder more Jews.
Hitler wanted to take the identities of the Jews and the last of their already dwindling self-respect, so used different techniques to succeed in doing so. Prisoners had their heads shaven and valuables taken away soon after they had arrived at the camp (“Holocaust Explained”). Jews were forced to give-up their valuables and clothing so the Nazis could make money off of it (Shayna and Shada). This made them only a number to the Nazis, not someone with characteristics that make them unique. Every day they had to wake up early and, “begin the Appall, [or] the daily roll call,” (“Holocaust Explained”). The captives had to stand very still in columns while they were counted. This was very difficult for them because of the heat and malnourishment. For meals, they were given a small portion of watered down soup (“Holocaust Explained”). To use the restroom, one would have to wait in a line of up to 2,000 prisoners, and would have to use the bathroom of a concrete or wooden plank with only about 100 holes for seats at a time (“Holocaust Explained”).Hitler used many tactics to destroy the confidence of prisoners in his camps, some ways being awful and terrifying causing some to lose their ability to feel emotions.
Concentration camps assisted Hitler in the Holocaust to help torture, and murder millions of Jewish people. According to the Free Dictionary, “A camp where civilians… and sometimes prisoners of war are detained and confined…in harsh conditions,” is the definition of a concentration camp. They were well planned out with everything from placement to how they are built to everyday life of a prisoner. It took extensive time before these camps were shut down because of the substantial thought behind them, but Hitler was stopped. The concentration camps were very well planned by Hitler with the help of the Nazis to create one of the most traumatic genocides in history.

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