Casual Writing Is Affecting Our Professional Life Essays

Casual Writing Is Affecting Our Professional Life Essays

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“LOL” and “BRB” are common uses of words that we utilize in our communication. These phrases create a simplicity to our writing and provide enough information to convey our point. While this form of communication would get straight to the point in a general conversation, it is certainly unprofessional in a different perspective. With supporting texts from “The Joy of Texting” by Lynne Truss and “I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here’s Why” by Kyle Wiens, they defined clearly that these types of casual writing can ultimately become detrimental in our professional careers. As casual writing has greatly expand towards our daily lives, we should ask ourselves whether this informal writing is affecting our professional lifestyle. With evidence to back up our claim, casual writing has impacted our writing in a professional standpoint through our habits, attitude, and diligence during work. From that, casual writing has created negative practices when presenting ourselves to future employers.
With the creation of texting and social media, it has made it convenient for individuals to communicate from one to another. However, this has greatly hindered our writing in the professional standpoint. With the ability to write simple phrases with poor grammar and quick, abbreviated words, casual writing established itself as another problem for individuals. In some instances, texting has been constantly used incorrectly where one friend told Truus that he “CANT BELIEVE U PUT APOSTROPHE IN HAIRDRESSERS”(Truss 496). During the text, he emphasized on the apostrophe in hairdressers. Although using an apostrophe is unnecessary, it is certainly important in a professional career. Even throughout the text, he did not write out you, but instea...

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...put in an effort in her everyday communication. From that, individuals need to pay attention to small details in order to perform effectively at work.
Overall, our current use of informal writing will not fade away; however we change improve our writing to perform more effectively in our professional career. As our writing is stated to hinder our physical and mental approach to our careers, our ability to write should not be hindered by these traits. With these type of writing instill into our minds, it may be hard to change ourselves from performing poorly in our activities. Even though this has become common for individuals, our performance needs to avoid these practices in order to perform and write professional in future employers. From that, our writing will greatly improve the rate of being employed and also improve the required work to do well in any activity.

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