Essay about Casual Factors And Models Of Interventions Of Students With Ebd

Essay about Casual Factors And Models Of Interventions Of Students With Ebd

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Casual Factors and Models of Interventions of Students with EBD
Danequa Offei
Grand Canyon University: SPE 558
January 27, 2016

Emotional Behavior Disorders (EBD) are experienced by many children and adolescents. Students with EBD often time experience difficulty when being integrated into the academic learning environments and placed into educational settings that offer students more behavior support then general education settings. Disturbing behavior has many contributing factors. Often times the elements related are as such biological, family, school, social, and community factors. It is imperative that interviews and any existing documentation be included in evaluation and recommendations concerning students with EBD.
Biological Factors
Biological factors may be able to account for causal explanations where psychological hypotheses fall short. Children are born with a certain biological or psychological predisposition (Rothbart, 2006; Rothbart & Bates, 2006), but both are malleable to educational and social influences. There is also evidence of genetic links in some behavioral and emotional disorders such as schizophrenia (Cardno, Rijsdijk, & Sham, 2002). Research has also shown that antisocial children tend to come from homes where parents use excessive punishment, spend little time in pro-social activities with their children, demonstrate neglect, and show little love and affection for good behaviors (Eisenberg et al., 2008).These cycles, according to psychologists who subscribe to the Social Learning Theory, are usually repeated by the children when they become parents, so these are learned attributes.
Family Factors
The family environment is the primary influence on children during the first...

... middle of paper ...

...factors for remediation. Schools not only respond to society but also have an obligation to influence families and society. Periodically, a cause may not be immediately evident, or if it is evident, there may not be a sensible way to remediate it. There needs to be a balance of scientific inquiry, facts, and nonbiased assessments and interpretations in order to best plan for appropriate behavior interventions along with an educational model. Research and history illustrate that an intelligent quotient (IQ) does not change, barring some unfortunate accident or disease; however, behaviors can change with intervention, education such as consistent social skills training, and other proactive plans
Smith, E.C., Polloway, A.E., Patton, R.J., Dowdy, A.C. (2006). Teaching students with special needs in inclusive settings. IDEA 2004 Update Edition (4th Edition).

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