The Casting Of She Kills Monsters Essay

The Casting Of She Kills Monsters Essay

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For the most part, the casting of She Kills Monsters was very hit and miss for me. I thought that Lindsey Parodi did exceptionally well in the role of Agnus and I really enjoyed the maturity, yet childlike energy that she brought to the character. Janae Dunn did very well in her role as Tilly as well. Every time her character entered, I felt her strong presence, even when she wasn’t so strong as a character. The supporting cast was all over the place though.
The cheerleaders were two characters that I did not enjoy watching at all, nor did I think that they were cast well. I did not believe that those two girls worked as those characters at all. For the most part, I thought that the ensemble was cast well, but there were a few characters that I think could have used more development, specifically Julia’s character. I think that with a little more work, her character could have had a much bigger impact in the play. But Lynn’s character really stole the show for me. She was the emotional core of the play and she killed that role. I could feel her ferocity in the fantasy world, but I could also feel her insecurity and vulnerability in the real world of the play. I wish that I could have seen more of her character.
The staging of She Kills Monsters was very hit and miss to me, just like some of the casting choices. I really enjoyed how the scene seamlessly transitioned from real world to that of fantasy. Having the majority of the ground plan open worked very well for the action that was present throughout the play. The couch and the desk on the outside of the plan also served as a good barrier for the edge of the scene. However, there were a few times that I felt like I was unable to see the action going on beca...

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...Lynn’s character worked very well for me though. Their scene with the letter was one of the more emotional points in the play and I wish that i could have seen more of that.
Overall, I think that the play was very effective in telling the story that it set out to tell. The casting, for the most part, worked very well, and I think with a little more character development here and there, the characterization of the production would have been stellar. The staging and ground plan worked hand in hand with the design of the film to clearly separate the two worlds that exist in the play. The conflict was very clear, and it slowly built up steadily toward the climax of the play, which I think ultimately fell flat. That being said, there was a wonderful balance between fun entertaining action and an emotional core that made me think. Overall, it was a pleasure to see.

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