Essay about The Cast of the Secret

Essay about The Cast of the Secret

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The creator of The Secret found again and again that the knowledge of one principle had been applied throughout the lives of significant men and women throughout history. The Secret and those in the film possess a knowledge that is so simple, yet for many, the story is nearly impossible to comprehend. No person's story in this film is better than another's. These people have reached their highest level of success, and have done so either through the secret, or unconsciously throughout their life and have now given it the title of THE SECRET.
To say that one of the featured person’s testimony is more significant than another’s would be invalid. The reason behind this is because The Secret is based on the universe having an abundant amount of resources for us to use at our disposal, so that we may go on living a richer lifestyle. Well, not everyone is chasing the same resource, which is to say that each person in this film specifically wanted something different, and obtained it.
“Pursuing money to the exclusion of everything else does not bring lasting happiness. I thought money alone would do it for me. But none of the money I earned brought me deep satisfaction and self-worth. Fortunately I acquired self-respect and integrity by working honestly, but I also began to realize that my personal definition of true success included much more than just acquisition of money”, John Assaraf. John Assaraf is in the hit film “The Secret”, where he shares his enlivening words to address the unknown capabilities that the viewer holds. He is the perfect example of rags to riches by following a certain mindset.
He was forced to grow up quick due to financial problems at home and began working at the age of eight. At nineteen he decided to t...

... middle of paper ... movement.(Marie Diamond) she is impressively fluent in five languages, which leads many to believe had a deep impact during her years working for the government. Her safety management skills are sought by multinational corporations like BP-Amoco, Exxon-Mobil, and Total Fina, whose productivity and safety records improved dramatically after implementing her recommendations.(Marie Diamond)

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