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“Cash’s music stood for simple values: dignity, compassion for working people and the conviction that music has the power to make our world a better place.” Though Johnny Cash had his demons throughout his life, he lived with a purpose to uplift the spirits of people who listened to his music. With the help of his raw gospel sound and tenacity, he ultimately became a game changer for the history of country music. Some specific setbacks and experiences of Johnny Cash’s life such as his childhood through his time in the Air Force, his drug addiction, his Christian faith, his spousal relationships, and his outlaw image have influenced the painful and sense of hardship messages that resonate in the songs he performed.
From his early childhood to his time in the Air Force, events occurred in Johnny Cash’s life that shaped him to become a leading pioneer in country music. Cash was born right as the Great Depression was wreaking havoc across the United States. His family was hit hard since they were sharecroppers living in the south, so he started out with hardships. Cash wrote in his song “Christmas as I Knew It”:
One day near Christmas when I was just a child
Mama called us together and mama tried to smile
She said you know the cotton crop hadn 't been too good this year
There 's not a lot of spending money and well at least we 're all here
Cash did not grow up in a lavish lifestyle and sometimes he grew up with less than the bare minimum. He grew up with no electricity and no running water. The family also continued to grow with the addition of more babies and more mouths to feed. Growing up in poor conditions, he took with him a sense of gratefulness in the future when amazing opportunities came his way. Cash stated in an intervie...

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...nd there is no way to be in that kind of hell, no way to extinguish a flame that burns, burns, burns.” These words would inspire Carter to write Ring of Fire; an incredibly successful song that Cash would go on to record and perform.
The taste of love is sweet
When hearts like ours meet.
I fell for you like a child,
Oh, but the fire went wild.
This song about the couple’s burning love and desire was on the top of the charts for weeks. It became a staple and a testament of their relationship. Cash and Liberto divorced, and he married Carter shortly after. In numerous interviews he credits Carter for saving his life. She helped him get over his addiction and helped bring back his spirit. He became passionate about making music again and getting his life together. It is safe to say that June Carter was the salvation that Johnny Cash needed to give his life a purpose.

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