Cash Management : The King Of Business World Essay

Cash Management : The King Of Business World Essay

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Cash is known as the king in business world. Thus king (cash) should be managed well to be in the business and also to grow financially. Cash management is key to run the business efficiently that will also avoid the bankruptcy. Cash management is all about collecting, managing, investing and disbursement of the cash. A very important and key factor for the company 's stability. Cash management are generally taken care by treasurers of the company or the business managers.
The other branch of cash management is intacct cash management. This branch of cash management helps the manager to see the transaction of account about 360 degrees that is able to view checking, savings, credit cards, debit cards in other words everything of the account which involves every transactions. The major benefits are as follows:
• clear visibility about the cash flow and transactions.
• more control on the complex cash flows and transactions.
• manpower can be reduced by doing so.
Cash flow a very basic responsibility of business managers failing to do so can lead the company on the verge of bankruptcy...

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