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The common event, regardless of other arrangements by the couples or the courts, is that the flow of income is divided. Divorcees are forced to not only rely on their own works yield, but are burdened with issues such as alimony, child support, and the like. One article suggest that
“90 percent of the couples involved have little by way of assets beyond, perhaps, equity in home and some vested interest in a qualified pension plan maintained by an employer. In short, the cash flow within the family essentially gets divided, along with the burden for care of young children, and such a support arrangement has an ending point conterminous in duration with the achievement of the age of majority of the youngest child, then leaving the causal custodian mother with no further economic ties or support from her former husband.” (Ducant, 2010, p. 8).
What this means is that once the husband, the common breadwinner in the American nuclear family, is no longer with the wife; all economic burdens are divided. Along with these basic taxing monetary expectations, the former couple is then forced to split the amount of money that would normally go into child rising until the youngest reaches of age. Even then it presents a particular hardship on the female figure, who, as is a common scene, relies on the father figure’s income. The female figure is presented with an even more difficulties monetarily than the father figure. Both are now forced to rely on their own skills to pay their won expenses and their children’s expenses.
It was my experience that money was a constant burden to both my parents. They made well enough individually and if they were together the burden of bills and childcare would not have been so strenuous as what it was when ...

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...conomic situation in both homes was hard. Difficulties for my parents and me were always a constant test that made it hard to live a normal life. Even my abilities to communicate with both parents became warped and twisted. I shied away from one and pulled away form the other. The results of divorce have lasting consequences on children that are not always avoidable or easily taken care of; hardships and challenges are presented that only children of divorce can understand. My life was not a hard one, but divorce had made it difficult to internalize life, my abilities in various subjects are undeveloped and my understanding of family life is different than others. I, as a child of divorce, am a part of a culture that is forced to meet different challenges and hardships than that of the common nuclear family. We a torn between two different worlds that were once one.

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