Essay on The Case We Face Another Depression

Essay on The Case We Face Another Depression

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Joshua Weg
Prof. Ward
COMS 0225
29 September 2014
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Outline Format:
A Fail-Safe in Case We Face Another Depression

i. In the year 1929, 15 million employees were unemployed in America and America’s Gross National Product (GNP) was reduced by half its original size {103.8 billion to 55.7 billion} (The Great Depression (1929-1939)).
ii. We Americans know this event as the Great Depression, a possibility so frightening and real. We nearly avoided another depression with the previous recession in 2007 (United States Bureau of Economic Research). However, it is only a matter of time before it happens again.
iii. {Return to}
iv. Another economic depression is inevitable, the least we must do is come up with a fail-safe or model of an economy that can still function without the dollar. A system that determines one’s wealth through the value of their work, as well as provide a process for returning stability to the economy.
*This is a necessity for preparing for another depression

A. Addressing the Need
i. In an economy that is categorized with reoccurring rises and falls, it is necessary to prepare when the falls are so steep, that they become a depression.
ii. Depressions are inevitable in any economy. In the history of the US alone, three have been 6 other depressions predating the “Black Thursday” disaster in 1929 ("Panics, Depressions and Economic Crisis Prior to 1930.").
iii. If we do not create provisions for the next depression, we will ultimately repeat the past. Where in which people will not be able to support themselves because jobs and resources are scarce.
*So here is what I have in mind for a Fail-Safe
B. Satisfying the Need
i. We start by having the government logging Americ...

... middle of paper ...

... spite of these drawbacks, it is important that such a provision exist.
III. Conclusion
A. Call to Action
i. Overall,
ii. It is important, that there is an emergeny economic structure in case of an inevitable depression.
iii. I plead you to take my economic model not only into consideration, but to put it into effect.
iv. Otherwise, when we are hit again, we all will be waiting out in the cold for a loaf of bread.

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