Case Study: Vast Benefits of Stem Cell Research Essay

Case Study: Vast Benefits of Stem Cell Research Essay

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Stem cells are the unspecialized cells in the human body that can become specialized cells, with new specialized cell functions. An example of a stem cell is the bone marrow stem cell that is able to turn into specialized blood cells, such as white blood cells and red blood cells. The new cell types have new special functions, that can produce antibodies, combat infection and transport gases. It is called “stem cell” because one function stems from the other. Stem cells have properties of developing into a array of cell types in the body. They can function as a repair system by dividing without a limit to help other cells. When they divide, each cell is able to either become another cell type with new special functions, such as blood cells, brain cells, or to stay as a stem cell. Stem cells can proliferate many times which means they can expand the number of cells by the continuous division of single cells into two identical daughter cells. With their special regenerative abilities, they propose new potentials for treating diseases like diabetes or heart disease.

Stem cells are classified into four types based on their origin, stem cells from embryos; stem cells from the fetus; stem cells from the umbilical cord; and stem cells from the adult. Each of the four types can be grouped into subtypes. Embryonic cells are derived from embryos, and many are derived from embryos that have been fertilized in vitro and then donated for research.
These primitive cells that come from a five day pre-implantation embryo
that is capable of dividing without differentiating for a prolonged period in culture, and develops into the three primary germ layers. Fetal stem cells are primitive cell types found in the organs of fetuses.(Bongs...

... middle of paper ...

...o. The debate on this probably wont subside, people will always have ethical issues with this, but if stem cell research is successful, the eventual result will be good for humans.

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