Essay on The Case Study Tutorials On My Foundation Year At Keele

Essay on The Case Study Tutorials On My Foundation Year At Keele

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In general, I consider my greatest strength in the case study tutorials to be a confidence and willingness to contribute, which is certainly something I have struggled with in the past (during A levels, etc.). Having gained experience in group work and in leading a group project in my foundation year at Keele, I now find it far easier to speak up in these situations. I consider myself to generally be a very quiet person, so it has taken a lot of development to get to the point where I am able to speak out loudly and clearly. I am pleased with what I have achieved in this regard.

Thus far, I have found the role of chair most challenging. I feel this position requires a far more thorough knowledge of all the answers to the learning objectives, in order to steer the discussion and to be aware when there are still gaps that haven’t been filled, and being able to contribute those personally if not offered by any other members of the group.

As scribe, I felt comfortable in the role and personally feel I was adequately able to note down key points discussed in a straightforward and succinct manner. I did find this easier in the first session scribing as opposed to the second session, as the second session involved much more opinion-based discussion and I was unsure how much of this was to be recorded. There was also some difficulty in hearing members of the group at times. I found my own preparation to be useful as I was already familiar with a good portion of the factual information that was brought up, and thus more confident knowing what to note down and the wording for doing so.

With regards to weaknesses, the area I have struggled most with is ensuring the information I find is relevant to the learning objectives and at the corre...

... middle of paper ... information that is too detailed or insufficiently relevant to include, but there have also been occasions where I have not delved deep enough, or I have not been able to find the right information to answer the learning objective entirely.

I believe this struggle is reflected in my references; in the first case study I attempted to use several different book sources, but had difficulty with these. In the second case study, there is a distinct shift to using many more internet-based sources. However, this is something that I don’t believe will benefit me in the long run. Using book or journal-based sources is a skill that will likely develop with practice, so I believe the best course of action would be to continue using these sources for my initial research, supported by internet sources only where I am still unable to adequately answer the learning objectives.

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