Case Study : The Global Mindset Essay

Case Study : The Global Mindset Essay

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The case involved a company, Fletcher Guitars who was working with a Spanish company Guitarra Dominguez to create Latin guitars which had a become popular product. The US company had sent Adam, a manager, to Spain to raise production to meet the growing demand. When the manager arrive he was exposed to the Spanish culture which would be seen as inefficient following American philosophy. The workers took each guitar with care and precision treating in like a child. The Adam looked and their work and employed his knowledge to create figures that were projected to meet the demands but, Salvador the Spanish owner was not inclined. Salvador was unwilling to change his work environment which had been devolved to maximize quality over quantity.
Question 1
The global mindset is an attitude that managers and individuals in leadership can develop when they take a group and work with them having the perspective that there are different values and beliefs in the collection. A manager who can adapt when in an environment where the workforce does not share some of their principles will b...

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