Essay on Case Study : The Four Stores

Essay on Case Study : The Four Stores

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1. The four stores I will be discussing are JCPenny’s (, Sammydress (, Zappos (,and Ashley Stewart’s ( JCP is a widely known store that offers an array of fashionable items from clothing to shoes to prom dresses. They sell clothes for both genders and all age ranges. Depending on which store, JCP also sells toys, bedding, and other furniture. Some features JCP website offers are the “find a store” tab for those who don’t know a JCP close by. Also, the store ads are available online so the customer can look at all the in-store sells before driving to the store. The website gives customers the option to track their order and even a tab for customer service for the customers with problems.
Ashley Stewart is a plus size women’s store that sells stylish items such as dresses, denim, intimates and swim, and shoes and accessories. Some features the website offers is the store locator. It also offers direct links to all of its social media accounts from Instagram to YouTube to a blog they created. Lastly, for those who are not good at putting together outfits, it has a tab that lets you see different clothing items together and gives the customer the option of buying either the entire outfit or just a clothing item they like.
Sammydress is an online store that sells men, women, and kids clothing. They also sell jewelry, handbags, shoes, hair and hair accessories, beauty essentials, and items for the home and garden. Sammydress offers the latest fashions at prices lower than other retail stores. Some online features Sammydress has is the option of the customer choosing between five different languages including French and Portuguese. A good feature is that the website has a way for fo...

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...gies that can lock in loyal customers. Zappos and Sammydress both use the cost leadership strategy to help reduce customers cost and shipping. These two companies find ways to give customers a great bargain while still making a profit of their own. Ashley Stewart used differentiation strategies. There are many boutiques out there that sales clothes for slim women, and forget about the plus size. Therefore, Ashley Stewart differentiate from these boutiques getting curvier girls a stylish store to shop at. JCP is a huge store that uses growth strategies. JCP was not a widely known store when it first came out. However, it expanded the company using IT to manage regional and global stores and by having diversity and integration into new products and services. Also, JCP use the alliance strategy to join an alliance with Sephora who now have stores within the JCP stores.

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