Essay Case Study : The Co Op I Have Acquired For This Summer

Essay Case Study : The Co Op I Have Acquired For This Summer

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The co-op I have acquired for this summer is with Michels Corporation, in the pipeline division. My position duties include assisting the project management team with preparing job estimates, developing job schedules and forecasts, tracking project budget to actual comparisons, completing take-offs, site reviews, customer interactions related to the project, and other duties as assigned. Before typing this report I have been on two major jobsites so far, learning and assisting in areas I was able. I followed the project engineer, project manager, and the job superintendent around, listening and taking different notes of what was going on. I also got a chance to talk to every Union worker, whether that was the laborers, operators, welding helpers, welders, etc. and they were all very helpful in my learning experience. Apposed to working in the distribution yard for Michels, which I did last year, this year is totally different. Instead of being stuck in the yard, not understand how the machinery work or how the material went together, I have been given more responsibilities, and an overall management and jobsite experience.
I believe I am experiencing a co-op that puts me in opportunities for a relevant and challenging use of my abilities, both learning from different courses taken in school and also traits I’ve learned here at Michels Corporation. The traits, or training, I have received her at Michels is mainly experienced based training. Meaning, being on the jobsite, learning how all the many parts come together, from being in the office, learning the main properties of the job. Checking jobsites, making sure everyone is where they need to be, making sure everything seems to be going smoothly, stepping back and observing differ...

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...learning everything just fine, without the help of the co-op office or my faculty mentor. If something does come up where I would need help, I will not hesitate to reach out for assistance. The support and guidance I am receiving with Michels is more than expected. They give me projects with high expectancy from me but then at the same time they aid me through the process. When I have a question, I don’t hesitate to ask, because I know that a detailed answer is on the other side. If the co-op office or my faculty mentor know anything about pipeline, of course I would love to talk to them. This would give me a chance to further expand my knowledge and to gain connections in the work place. Overall, I believe this co-op has been, so far, a very eye opening and knowledge packed experience that will help me through the rest of school and throughout the rest of my career.

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