Essay Case Study : Starbucks Quality Marketing And Management Strategy

Essay Case Study : Starbucks Quality Marketing And Management Strategy

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By remaining true to core competency and a laser like focus effort towards quality; Starbucks has managed to analyze, adapt and create brand loyalty to their particular market and remained the top competitor throughout the coffee industry. Americans in general enjoy a good, hot cup of coffee to start their day. In any given business, seeing a torrid cup of coffee in a cup from Starbucks is not uncommon. Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee franchises in the world with locations in 62 countries. Starbucks has been around since the year 1971where they started off as a coffee bean roaster and retailer. This research paper will briefly explores, examine, and assess Starbucks quality marketing and management strategy. Additionally, this research will also highlight why Starbuck as a corporation have been a beacon of quality not only with their great tasting products, but also with consistency of experience, best quality coffee, and quality over quantity practices. The findings will demonstrate how significant quality and performance management are to an organization. This research also shows through literature reviews, franchise information, and contrast; a continuous theme that illustrates how the company managed to remain viable during some of the most unfavorable economic conditions of our time. How did Starbucks grow from a coffee retailer to the largest coffee house in the world with a net worth of over 85 billion dollars? The answer is unassuming; total quality management that begins with quality leadership.
Keywords: Starbucks organization, Quality, Management.

Chapter I - Introduction
i. Overview
Quality for the most part is often confused with routine processes and procedures of business operation. To the detr...

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... best quality factor of all. Comingling what is expected from customers into a solid operation, the Starbucks operators over time made the company what it is today. The managers ensured that they and their business associates were operating ethically as expected from the world community in which they operate. This requires feedback from both employees and customers both internal and externally.
Recovering from a damaged name brand is very difficult and costly. According to Carroll and Bucholtz (2015) Starbucks began making ethics part of their corporate strategy by compensating coffee workers above market value. They began with farmers in Costa Rica and Guatemala, which aided in beginning schools, healthcare, and scholarship for farm workers’ families. The company reached an ethical sourcing in 2012 at a rate of 93% (Carroll & Bucholtz, 2015, p. 317). (see figure 1)

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