Case Study : ' Sea Change ' And ' Total Transformation ' Essay

Case Study : ' Sea Change ' And ' Total Transformation ' Essay

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Individual Assignment
1. Introduction
1.1. Current condition
When Sir Gerry Robinson first came to Rotherham General Hospital which had already got into troubles of intolerable long waiting list, low working willingness and substantial financial shortages, he found that the situation in the hospital was even worse than his imaginations. These facts, such as stressed relationships among staff and meaningless managements of the top manager, further resulted in the self-interest protections of hospital staff. Furthermore, the wastes everywhere, for example, vacant wards and buildings, and the empty timetables on Friday afternoons due to people’s unwillingness to bear duty, heavily shocked him.
One year later, Rotherham General Hospital has been obviously improved by the teamwork of Sir Gerry Robinson and all staff through increasing efficiency and cutting waiting list. When Sir Gerry Robinson came back, the phrases ‘sea change’ and ‘total transformation’ were utilized by him to describe the considerable changes happened in this hospital. On that Friday afternoon, the whole hospital was busy taking care of patients effectively while in the conversation between Brian and Sir Gerry Robinson, the annual surplus of nearly 2.1 million pounds which may mean the end of financial shortages, also proved that Rotherham General Hospital operated very well, combined with its increasing output. The high motivation of staff could also be felt from the more productive pace of current scenes in this hospital. Moreover, the waiting list was shortened to be about 30 days for patients, being the best in South Yorkshire. Even the relationship between managers and consultants turned to be much more relaxed. All these truths may imply that the management i...

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...uces the operational effectiveness and financial sustainability of local hospitals. In details, the causalities of these factors could be illustrated as below.
As discussed above, according to Sir Gerry Robinson, what he did was only encouraging the top manager – Brian to improve the bad interpersonal relationships between management layer and consultant group. Despite of the existing management conflicts and low willingness, the promotions of the relationships significantly influenced the effectiveness of hospital’s daily operations. And thus the financial condition of Rotherham General Hospital contemporarily changed from 1.5 million pounds deficit to 0.6 million pounds surplus (See green boxes in Table 2.1). However, obviously not all problems were solved by Sir Gerry Robinson, especially the imminent ones brought by the government (See yellow boxes in Table 2.1).

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