Case Study Regarding Compensation / Discrimination At R & S Electronic Service Company

Case Study Regarding Compensation / Discrimination At R & S Electronic Service Company

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Many businesses, employers, and employees are often faced with tough decision within the workplace that could forced them to make decision based on legal decision, moral decisions, and ethical decision. After reading the case study regarding compensation/discrimination at R&S Electronic Service Company, I have determined that all parties within this case scenario of stakeholders. Stakeholders are defined as any person with an interest or concern of a business. As we begin to identify the key stakeholders and their specific interest in the Family Business we must break down each individual and the role they play in the business. As mentioned, Jane just recently hired onto R&S electronics Services as the head of the Payroll Department. Under this role, Jane’s interest is first to herself and her family, if she has one to support; secondly Jane’s initial interest was to Eddie as her General Manager, and Brad because of his ownership. Brad’s interest is to the overall success of the business, and also to his employees and clients. Eddie’s interest in this scenario is both to Brad in-order to help run a successful building, however, his primary interest appears to be of himself and Greg, which is his brother.
As I evaluate the case study, I have identified the problem of a newly hired employee (Jane) placed in a situation in which she is subjected to a manager (Eddie) who has used his authoritative power to provide favoritism to his brother which is unethical in a business sense; those concerns are now being raised by Jane who has to make a tough decision to either disclose her finding to Brad, with fear of retaliation from Eddie, or continue to support this unethical practice, in order to keep her job. According to U.S Labor la...

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...(2012) states: “deontological ethics is marked by steadfastness to universal principles – for example, respect for life, fairness, telling the truth, keeping promises – no matter what the consequences.” Under this approach, Jane should have no fear to voice her concerns regardless of the outcome considering retaliation. On the other hand this approaches outlines the ability for one to keep promises. Based on the case study, it was clear that Eddie specifically informed Jane of the need for maintaining strict confidentiality regarding employee salaries and pay scale, therefore, Jane accepting the position would have the obligation to keep that promise to Eddie, and if not face consequences. However, this approach speaks more volumes to absolute fairness, and telling the truth, therefore, I would recommend Jane taking this approach over the Utilitarianism approach.

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